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About Jayaboard

Jayaboard Overview

Since the launch of the first gypsum board in Indonesia in 1994 under the name Jayaboard®, Jayaboard with its continous innovation keeps providing all building & material needs for people in Indonesia.

Their first gypsum factory in Indonesia which located at Gresik, East Java keeps developing various innovation to create the best and highest quality products.

Jayaboard adopts the new technology to produce plasterboard with the name of Jayaboard Jayaboard® Plus SHEETROCK® Brand Technology which contains Sag-Defying-Strength™ fiture. This new fiture makes Jayaboard® plasterboard not only lighter but also has a better anti-sagging performance. With a strong bonding performance, this technology reduce the possibility of damaged plasterboard in the process of handling and application.

Jayaboard® committed to always gives the best innovative products to customers with a brand new technology.

One of them is a plasterboard with water resistance, fire resistance, mold resistance and impact stop performances, a well known product in international market named Fiberock® Aqua-Tough that has been distributed for Indonesia market along with Mineral Fiber Acoustic Panel and Specialty Ceiling which metal-based and plastic-based ceiling tiles products that believed will brings a significant change for property industry in Indonesia.

Operating for 22 years, Jayaboard has produced more than 400 square meter plasterboard that has been used by various segments starting from residential projects, offices, religious building, hospital to high-rise building projects such as hotel and apartment.

Jayaboard committed to gives innovative products with the latest technology which could provides a comfort living for people in Indonesia.


Head Office

Palma Tower, Lt. 21
Jl. RA Kartini III-S Kav 6,
Kebayoran Lama,
Jakarta 12310
Telp. 021 - 2753 8100 (Hunting), 021 - 797 7777 (Hotline)
Fax. 021 - 2753 8197, 2753 8199

Showroom (Rumah Jayaboard)

Foresta Business Loft 1, Unit 3
Jl. BSD Raya Utama - BSD City
Telp. 021 - 5055 6262
Fax. 021 - 5055 6263

Regional Offices, Representatives & Training Center

To serve all customers across Indonesia, Jayaboard expand its distribution channel to reach all Indonesia provinces. For your needs wherever you are, please contact our representatives in your region.

Jl. RA Kartini No. 21, Dr. Soetomo, Tegalsari Surabaya 60246, Jawa Timur
Telp. 031 567 6789 / 031 - 99442650
Fax. 031 - 5038034

Jl. Ring Road Gagak Hitam Komp. Mega Bisnis Center Blok A
No 13, Medan 20122, Sumatera Utara.
Telp. 061 - 420 85837


Jl. Prof Dr. Moh. Yamin Kav. B-1,
Kawasan Industri Gresik (KIG), Desa Roomo, Kec Manyar
Gresik 61151, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Telp. 031 - 395 0222 (Hunting)
Fax. 031 - 395 0333

Jl. Asia I, Kav. G3
Kawasan Industri Krakatau
Kelurahan Kotasari, Kecamatan Grogol
Cilegon 42436, Banten , Indonesia
Telp. 0254 - 387 024 (Hunting)
Fax. 0254 - 383 865