Mold is growing on your ceilings? Here is the solution


Mold is Growing On Your Ceilings? Here is The Solution

Having a comfortable, clean and healthy house is a dream for everyone. Using any kind of ceiling will make your house lovely. But what if the fungus grow on your ceilings? Ceiling is often overgrown with mold, especially if your ceilings leaked.

Basically there is no building material that are 100% anti-mold. Mold usually grow when one of the conditions is met, like :

  • Bad air circulation
  • Humid environment.
  • Ceiling is leaked.
  • There is mold spore on your ceiling.

Here are the tips, how to get rid of mold problem on your ceiling. In the end of article you can watch tutorial video about how to get rid of the mold.

  1. Check the mold's condition

    Check why the fungus is growing in your place, is it because of humid environment? Or leak from the roof? Fix the source of the leak or bad air circulation. If the board is impossible to fix because of the fungus, change it immediately.

  2. Prepare the anti-mold tools

    Before begin to get rid of the fungus, prepare the cleaning tools first, like gloves, googles, safety helmet, clean cloth, jointing knife,fungicidal wash, anti-fungus paint, paint roller/brush and tub

  3. Clean the mold

    Before cleaning the mold, wear the helmet, google, and mask so you don’t inhale it. Clean the mold on ceilings using the cloth. If the mold is hard, use the jointing knife to remove it.

  4. Layer the ceilings with Fungicidal Wash & Anti-Fungus Paint

    Make sure the mold is removed and then put the Fungicidal Wash to the tub and use the paint roller/brush to layer the ceiling equally and let it dry between one or two hours.

    After that, layer the ceiling again with the Anti-Fungus Paint so the fungus will not grow again.

  5. Make sure the air circulation & vent is good

    The mold is often found in bathroom and kitchen because of bad air circulation. You can add fan or exhaust fan in the room so the humidity is gone and also if there is a window in the room, let the sunlight in for a while so the humidity can be prevent and mold doesn’t grow.

    Optimal treatment is needed to maintain the ceiling. Always control your house’s condition because any small damage can be fatal and will get worse if left alone.

    Demikianlah beberapa cara yang dapat Anda lakukan untuk mengatasi plafon berjamur. Tonton video berikut untuk tutorial mengatasi jamur pada plafon gipsum hunian Anda. Semoga membantu ya Sahabat Jayaboard!

    So that's some tips how to remove the mold in your ceilings. Hope it will help you.