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Standard Ceiling Frame that is suitable for a project with area size less than 100 m2 or wide spans ceiling less than 10 metres length. Standard performance with deflection limit L/240.

Physical Properties:
  • Bracket: PN 220/221
  • Rod: PN 227
  • Clip Adjuster: PN 222
Main Frame:
  • TCR PN 250 (0,35mm)
Secondary Frame:
  • EF PN 251 (0.35mm)
  • PN 209
  • PN 252 (0.35mm)
Recommended Installations:
  • Apartment
  • School
  • Residence
  • Store
Features & Benefits:
  • Safety Factor min 3x 
  • Area Max. 100 m2 
  • Cost Efficient
  • Fast & Precision Installation
  • Produced with SNI metal coil based
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