5 Tips to Set Up a Home Theater, Saving on Entertainment Budget

5 Tips to Set Up a Home Theater, Saving on Entertainment Budget

5 Tips to Set Up a Home Theater, Saving on Entertainment Budget

Who doesn't love watching movies at the cinema?

According to one Indonesian news portal, the number of Indonesian moviegoers is expected to reach a new record in 2023 due to the end of the Community Activity Restriction (PPKM), with a previous total of 54.07 million viewers in 2022.

Even though there are many movie streaming services available on the internet, people still prefer watching movies in theaters because of the atmosphere provided in the studios. However, with various technological advancements and innovations, there are now many tips and tricks you can follow to recreate the cinema experience right in your own home! Here are some of the tips:

  • Choose a Room

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    Dedicate one room in your home to be used as a mini theater. For example, the living room, a spare room, or a space that you rarely use. Visualize the size of the room you've chosen to consider the layout of seats and the screen or TV, ensuring an optimal viewing distance for viewer comfort.

  • Pay Attention to Lighting

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    Cinemas are typically known for their dimly lit ambiance. To create this atmosphere, select suitable lighting specifications that resemble a cinema's conditions. Pay attention to the positioning of the lights so they don't disrupt the screen's display. Additionally, the choice of wall paint color will influence the surrounding atmosphere; opt for dark colors that enhance the cinematic experience. If the chosen room has many windows, don't forget to use curtains that block out light from entering the room, as light can affect the quality of the displayed image on the screen or TV. Ensure that your room is sufficiently dark.

  • Use Adequate Equipment

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    Choose equipment that supports the cinema-like experience. You can use a TV with a minimum resolution of 1080p, especially if you have a Smart TV equipped with various streaming film applications. However, even if you don't have a Smart TV, many hardware options are available online as connectors for online operating systems, or you can use an HDMI cable connected to a laptop. For TV substitution, you can also use a projector aimed at the wall or use a white screen. Don't forget to use speakers or a sound system to enhance the mini theater's ambiance.

  • Ensure Acoustic Wall Quality

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    An essential factor in creating a cinema-like atmosphere is soundproofing and sound absorption quality. Intense sound effects can certainly make the viewing experience more exciting and captivating but be careful not to disturb others. Therefore, you need to ensure the proper use of walls that support soundproofing. As a solution, you can use Soundstop™ gypsum boards to prevent sound from penetrating into the adjacent room. With its high density, Soundstop™ gypsum boards can produce soundproof walls with optimal Sound Transmission Class (STC) values and have passed international standard testing and certification. Details about Soundstop™ gypsum boards can be found here >> Soundstop™

    You can also use Jayabell Echostop™ gypsum boards as additional wall elements to achieve sound absorption performance, ensuring that sound within your mini theater room is well-absorbed, preventing echoes, creating a more comfortable viewing atmosphere like a cinema. Furthermore, Jayabell Echostop™ gypsum boards have perforated patterns that you can combine with lighting to support a more aesthetic cinema appearance. Details about Jayabell Echostop™ gypsum boards can be found here >> Jayabell Echostop™

    After treating the walls as mentioned above, don't forget to also treat the doors and windows to support soundproofing by selecting suitable materials.

  • Prepare Snacks

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    Once the room is ready, don't forget to provide snacks to make the viewing experience even more enjoyable. Snacks like popcorn and cinema-style potato chips can enhance the atmosphere!

Those are the 5 tips for creating a mini cinema that will surely make your family feel at home.

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