Jayaboard Innovative Sharing dengan Pandu Persada
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Jayaboard Innovative Sharing with Pandu Persada

Jayaboard Innovative Sharing with Pandu Persada

Jayaboard Innovative Sharing, or JIS in short, is a regular event held by Jayaboard with various figures in Indonesia’s construction industry, some of the being architectural firms. The main goal of this event is to discuss trends in the construction world and to learn about the challenges from practitioners who got involved directly in the constructing process in hope that Jayaboard would provide the right solutions through Jayaboard products and newest systems.

On the latest JIS event, Jayaboard invited Pandu Persada, an architectural firm based in Bandung, West Java. The event was held on Monday, 5th of June 2023.

The event was opened with greetings from Mr. Irfan Enro (Architectural and Specification Manager of Jayaboard), followed by presentation of Jayaboard’s products and systems. After that, there was discussions regarding product installations and functions, with games and quizzes alternated between each session.

One of the products introduced during the event is Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® PROTECH, Jayaboard’s newest gypsum board innovation with Air-Purifying feature which works effectively in improving indoor air quality.

The event received great feedback from its participants. “Thanks to this event, I have earned new connections.” Said Mr. Rizky Yusuf, Interior Architect of PT Pandu Persada. He also added that by attending the event, he has learned more about Jayaboard’s range of products and systems.

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