JayaPro for Project Completes the Optimum Service from Jayaboard

JayaPro for Project Completes the Optimum Service from Jayaboard

Optimum after-sales service is a significant differentiator for Jayaboard among other competitors. Aside from high-quality products, customers will also get the best optimum service experience from Jayaboard such as design & technical consultations with Jayaboard expert teams, on-site supervision by Jayaboard Field Trainer team, and applicator training through JayaPRO for Project program.

In this program, contractor or applicator can register their team to be given an intensive training by Jayaboard experts, from theoretical learning to hands-on practices related to the application of Jayaboard products and systems. Participants will also be given training certification as an evidence that participants have undergone training and skill evaluation by Jayaboard experts team. This certification from JayaPRO for Project can also be used as an added value for the contractor and applicator, whereas the certification can be used as verification that the applicator has been trained by experts and has a good ability to install ceiling and drywall systems.

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For more infomation call Jayaboard Hotline 021 797 7777 (WA/Call) or email to klik.jayaboard@usgboral.com .