What Is Gypsum Board?

What Is Gypsum Board?

What Is Gypsum Board?

Gypsum boards are materials commonly used as ceilings in homes and various projects such as office buildings, hotels, and other public structures. Nowadays, the trend of using gypsum boards as partitions or walls is increasing and becoming a favorite among the public.

However, the question is, why should you use gypsum boards?

  • Production Process

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    The environmental policy implemented by Jayaboard® is very comprehensive, covering all aspects from the extraction of raw materials to the recycling stage and the life cycle impact of each product. Jayaboard® gypsum boards are produced from sustainable sources and use recycled materials. The energy usage (Process Energy Requirement – PER) in the production process of Jayaboard gypsum boards is lower than conventional material production in general. The overall manufacturing process of Jayaboard gypsum boards is environmentally friendly, leaving a smaller carbon footprint compared to other materials.

  • Lightweight Construction & Environmentally Friendly

    The lightweight construction of Jayaboard® gypsum boards requires low energy compared to heavy load constructions (up to 10 times lighter than conventional brick walls), resulting in a smaller carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly. The use of a building system with gypsum boards has a lightweight load, reducing the size of the building foundation, which is useful to minimize disturbances or damage to the soil and environmental impact at the building site.

    During the construction process, only a small amount of water is needed for the gypsum connection process, as it falls under dry construction. Moreover, construction using gypsum boards tends to generate minimal waste, keeping the construction area tidy and clean.

  • Temperature Adaptation

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    The natural properties of gypsum boards, which easily adapt to room temperature, make gypsum walls and ceilings respond more quickly to room cooling or heating. In Indonesia's tropical climate, using gypsum boards for your walls and ceilings will help save on air conditioning usage and maintain a cool room temperature. Especially if you use Heatstop™ gypsum boards with a special metalized film on the back side to have up to 90% of solar reflectance performance (JIS R3106) which will helps maintaining the room temperature and keeping it cool, offers you a more comfortable room. It also provides vapor barrier within your partition. For detailed information, click the following --> Heatstop™

  • Design Flexibility & Performance

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    Construction with gypsum boards offers freedom of expression in design since they are non-load bearing. Gypsum partitions or walls can be easily moved, shaped, or adjusted according to your interior design preferences.

    Additionally, Jayaboard® offers various types of gypsum boards with performance variants that can be tailored to your room needs, such as Firestop™ fire-resistant gypsum boards for vault spaces to store your important documents, Soundstop™ gypsum boards that support sound resistance for your home theater or music studio to prevent sound leakage/disturbance to other rooms, Jayabell Echostop™ acoustic gypsum boards for an optimum acoustic experience, and many more Jayaboard® gypsum boards with different performances that you can explore through the following link --> Technical Board.

  • Safe for Health & Low Maintenance

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    One significant factor that makes gypsum boards a favorite material for residences is their safety for health. Jayaboard® gypsum boards are known to be asbestos-free and VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compounds). Both are defined as all components of organic chemical substances that can evaporate and pollute the air, affecting health from short-term effects like eye, nose, and throat irritation to long-term effects like asthma, bronchitis, and cancer. Now, Jayaboard® has an innovation, Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® PROTECH, the first standard gypsum board in Indonesia with Air-Purifying Technology that can support indoor air quality protection, safeguarding the health of your beloved family. For product details, click the following link --> Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® PROTECH

    In addition to being safe for health and the environment, gypsum walls and ceilings are known for their low maintenance costs because they are easy to repair and do not require replacing the entire material—just repair the damaged parts, as shown in the following tutorial --> Tips memperbaiki Gypsum.

These are some factors that makes Jayaboard® gypsum board the most favorite material for gypsum wall and ceiling solutions.

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