Comika Space

Comika Space

Comika Space


In the midst of a pandemic, Pandji Pragiwaksono as Co-CEO of Comika built the workspace called Markas Comika or Comika Space for Comika under Comika Company to work and making content.

One of the factors that is very concerned for Markas Comika is the indoor acoustic performance, explained by Pandji basic asset of the Comika is a sound, therefore the quality of indoor acoustics needs to be considered to produces a maximum work.

Jayabell™ gypsum board used as a support for the aesthetics of the room which also has acoustic performance to absorb sound so that it can withstand echoes. While on the ground floor to the top floor, the installation of partitions or walls is combined with the use of Moldstop® to support the comfort of the room, this is done to support the performance of mold resistance in rooms that are often damp due to air conditioners.

The aesthetics of the entire room is also supported by the appearance of the ceiling which has a smooth optimal finish with Jayaboard® Sheetrock® gypsum board.

From the construction of the Markas Comika or Comika Space using Jayaboard's products, it can give best quality and comfortable place that can support the creativity of Comika as content creator.

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Markas Comica