Back at BCI Equinox 2022
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Back at BCI Equinox 2022

Back at BCI Equinox 2022

Senayan City, 19 – 20 May 2022. – After 2 years of limited offline events due to the pandemic, Jayaboard returned to participate in the prestigious annual event BCI Equinox organized by BCI Central.

Photo:Exhibition at Jayaboard Booth at BCI Equinox 2022

BCI Equinox is a Boutique Exhibition that is exclusive and limited to invitees from various circles in the construction industry such as architects, consultants, interior designer, contractors to developers, held in various countries around Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

In this exhibition, Jayaboard also participated in showing its superior products such as DUROCK® Exterior Drywall, cement boards which are an alternative to conventional construction methods like brick walls or AAC blocks.

Photo: Group Photo Session with several visitors

Then the Easy Finish™ System from Jayaboard was also introduced as a replacement for the conventional plastering method to ensure optimal performance and the finish results also saves construction time.

With the rapid acoustic trend that exists, Jayaboard also shows Soundstop® gypsum boards as a support for soundproofing systems to prevent sound leakage from a room to another room. Finally, there is the Jaya Acoustic Panel as a solution for rooms that require acoustic performance.

More than 600 visitors attended the 2-day event, becoming part of the BCI Central offline boutique exhibition event.

Photo: Question and answer session with one of the visitors