Sutera Hall: The New International Standard for MICE Venues

Sutera Hall: The New International Standard for MICE Venues


Being a reference and standardization for MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition) venues or function halls in Jakarta and its surroundings is the target of Jim Tehusijarana as Director of PT Taman Wahana, who has just reopened the Sutera Hall meeting house in the Alam Sutera area.

In line with the concept of Alam Sutera which carries the theme of Modern Indonesia, every room in Sutera Hall has been equipped with an acoustic system that can support activities such as music concerts, exhibitions and other world-class events.

In an effort to realize the aspirations of Taman Wahana, the use of Jayaboard® Sheetrock® which is installed as a ceiling and partition in the meeting room area is carried out to ensure the appearance and aesthetic value of each room. Meanwhile, to support the high-quality acoustic performance in the Main Hall, Jayabell™ gypsum board was installed which was also used as an aesthetic ceiling in the lobby area.

In this project, it is one of the supports of Jayaboard Ultimate Project with optimum service experience as an innovation as a pioneer building with new standards that achieve world class by using Jayaboard products.

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Sutera Hall