Optimal Acoustic Performance for Musicians

Optimal Acoustic Performance for Musicians

Optimal Acoustic Performance for Musicians


During the pandemic, creative industry workers are required to adapt with the current situation. The Home Studio concept is growing rapidly in community due to the increasement of Work from Home activities, the necessity for multi-functional room concepts such as Music Studio has begun to emerge.

Marcello Tahitoe (Ello), well-known musician in Indonesia, desired to remain productive and work effectively in this pandemic situation. To build a home music studio is one of his dreams that he wants to accomplish when planning to renovate his house in Ragunan, South Jakarta.

In collaboration with Keneth Sandy Studio and Jayaboard, a music studio with a minimalist and masculine theme that was built on rooftop of the house has a functional concept. Acoustic quality and soundproofing performance in the room are the main determining factors for the architect team when developing the music studio partition system, in this case the Jayaboard technical team assists in the planning of the appropriate soundproof acoustic partition system utilizing Soundstop™ plasterboard to produce optimal soundproofing performance,  the expectation of soundproof performance can be achieved. In this project, Jayabell™ plasterboard helping to improve the acoustic quality in the room, as a medium for sound absorption through perforations and acoustic tissue on the surface of the board so that it can help to reduce echoes in the room. Jayabell™ is also utilized by the architect team as a decoration element by adding decorative lightings on the back of the board, so that the light that comes out of the Jayabell™ perforation hole become the center of attention in the room.

Since the music studio is built on the rooftop, the selection of exterior material became one of the crucial factors for the architect team, heavy materials or casting techniques cannot be done on-site. As a solution, Durock® boards are used as the exterior walls of music studios and are able to speed up building construction time with their lightweight and easy to apply features. In the process, the contractor team are also given proper on-site training by the Jayaboard team to ensure the system is installed correctly, this is also one of the optimal services that Jayaboard has always provided for 28 years of working in Indonesia.

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Marcello Tahitoe's Music Studio


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