Productive Residence for Content Creators

Productive Residence for Content Creators

Productive Residence for Content Creators


Raditya Dika, a content creator who stays productive during the pandemic, prioritizes room performance and aesthetic value for the renovation of his residence that is located in South Jakarta. In collaboration with Keneth Sandy Studio, a functional and comfortable residence is one of the aspects that is highly considered by the architect team for this three-story residential project. Starting from the workspace, studio, family room, and on every corner of the room specially designed using high-quality material products to ensure comfort, safety, and aesthetic value. The construction process is also one of the important factors for the architect team to choose materials that are easy to install to help the contractor team meet the construction dateline.

The Studio Room is also one of the main focus areas for the architect team to achieve the combination of both design and performance, aside the aesthetic value, adequate acoustic performance is also required to support Raditya Dika as a content creator to produce his work and spend most of his time creating audio visual content in this room. To achieve all of the desired performances, Keneth Sandy Studio collaborated with Jayaboard team to develop a partition system that has an aesthetic value along with the acoustic performance.

Soundstop, plasterboard with soundproof performance and Jayabell, acoustic plasterboard with perforations, became the material of choice to support the aesthetic and acoustic performance of Raditya Dika’s home studio which carries a minimalist theme. In the process, the selected contractor team was also given a proper training by Jayaboard team to ensure that the system installation was in accordance with Jayaboard’s recommendations, this is also one of the optimal services that Jayaboard has always provided for more than 28 years in Indonesia.

Children’s bedroom and the main bedroom which located on the top floor area is also the main focus of the homeowner who longed for the comfortableness of the bedroom. Naturally, room located on the top floor is vulnerable to hot weather, therefore Heatstop as a heat resistant plasterboard with special metalized film is entrusted as the ceiling material for these rooms to reflect the heat generated by the sun up to 90% to create a comfortable room to rest. Meanwhile, to ensure quality and aesthetic value, Jayaboard SHEETROCK plasterboard used as ceiling materials in all the other rooms. 

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Productive Residence for Content Creators


South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

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