The Residence of “Sultan Andara”

The Residence of “Sultan Andara”

The Residence of “Sultan Andara”


Being a well-known public figure in Indonesia who has a lot of activities and often creates content at home, Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina entrust Jayaboard ‘s products & systems to the construction of their new house located in Andara area. Relying on Jayaboard for their house construction has been passed down from generations, even Raffi’s first house and continue to his new house in Andara.  Considering the intense activities and a lot of people mobilities inside the house, Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina desired a comfortable home with privacy for their family.

To create comfort in every room, Heatstop® gypsum board is used as ceiling for the 1st and 2nd floor areas, it helps reflecting 90% of the heat created by sunlight, to manage comfortable room temperature, supporting energy efficiency which can saves the use of air conditioning. 4

In bedroom, podcast and production studio areas, Soundstop® gypsum board is installed as drywall partition to ensure the soundproof performance, both to optimize the sound quality of content that is produce in podcast or production studio and also to make sure the privacy in every bedroom.

In addition, to optimize the quality of their new house, JayaBMS Metal frame and Cornice Compound 5in1 used in every interior application to achieve smooth and perfect finishing.a

As part of Jayaboard optimum services, Jayaboard team directly provided on-site training to applicators in charge to ensure they can deliver the right installation method to achieve desired quality and performance of Raffi & Nagita’s dreamhouse. 

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Rumah Raffi Ahmad