A6’s Family Multifunction Shophouse from Café to podcast studio!

A6’s Family Multifunction Shophouse from Café to podcast studio!


Besides being known as a singer, Anang Ashanty are now also active as a businessman in Indonesia.  A lot of activities are often carried out, from actively uploading content on The Hermansyah Youtube channel and being busy running the FnB business named Lumiere, which is currently has many branches in Indonesia. In order to maximize the time during a lot of activities, Anang Ashanty builded a multifunctional shophouse with five floors located in Panglima Polim.

Each floor in the shophouse building has a different function, in addition to the Lumiere café, there are also offices, content production studios, lounge rooms, karaoke rooms, to podcast rooms that each wall uses Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® gypsum board 12mm.

Wall installation is also supported by an rust-resistant JayaBMS metal frame and Cornice Compound 5 in 1 as the best solution for connecting gypsum board. 

As the flagship brand of Indonesian families, on the process Jayaboard provides optimal services in the  form of training directly to ensure good installation so that it can produce performance according to the Anang & Ashanty's needs.

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A6 Center