FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Better View, Better Air

The longer we spend our time indoor, the more important its air quality for our overall health and contentment. Harmful emission could come from furniture, building materials, cleaning liquid and other household products. Research shows that long-term exposure of harmful emission may cause illness. Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® PROTECH made with special gypsum crystal surfaces and efficient formulation in its gypsum core, which reduces the harmful emission concentration in a room, improving air quality to protect our health. Using Jayaboard® product as part of your building construction leave smaller ecological footprint and by using it you have contributed to maintain environment sustainability, helping us to leave a positive legacy for future generations and help to create a brighter future for all.

  • What differentiate Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® PROTECH with other Gypsum Board?

    Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® PROTECH is the first standard gypsum board in Indonesia with Air-purifying technology. Produced with environmentally friendly materials, safe for health and able to help improve indoor air quality so as to support healthier living space.

  • Is jointing or coating/finishing will be affecting the air-purifying performance?

    There’s no significant affect for standard jointing & finishing treatment.

  • How air-purifying performance works in Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® PROTECH?

    Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® PROTECH made with special gypsum crystal surfaces that contributes to improve the indoor air protection against harmful emission, using an efficient formulation in Jayaboard® gypsum core, which substantially reduces the harmful emission concentration in a room.

  • Is there any installation recommendation?

    Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® PROTECH can be used as both ceiling and drywall system, also as wall lining and decorative element, similar as standard plasterboard.

  • Is there any paint recommendation?

    Water-based, low VOC / Non-VOC paint will optimize the air-purifying performance.

  • Will the air-purifying performance remain if it’s covered with wallpaper?

    Jayaboard® SHEETROCK® PROTECH preferably or is intended for homeowner/project owner who aims seamless finishing without wallpaper and at the same time concerned about health. Usage of wallpaper is advisedly avoided since it will affect the performance.

  • How long the air-purifying performance will last?

    In a well-ventilated environment, the air-purifying feature will keep performing properly for long time and advisedly review your ceiling or wall regularly.

  • Is there any additional treatment to maintain the performance?

    No special additional treatment required. Just choose the product wisely, install properly and breathe better.

  • Is there any special treatment for product handling and storage methods?

    Standard / normal handling as regular plasterboard

  • Is this product safe for the environment?

    Yes, it is safe for the environment and recyclable.

  • If during the installation process the paper peels off, will it reduce the product performance?

    In general, peeling off plasterboard’s paper will affect the performance.

  • Is the product suitable for health facilities such as Hospital?

    Basically, this product is suitable for any room that requires better indoor air quality.

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