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DM-5 Close Fit Acoustic Standard - 1 side


Cement render replacement systems that deliver a smooth wall finish, able to align irregular wall levels, and resistant to unsightly cracks. It's installed easily, saving installers in time and money. Jayaboard Easy Finish cement render replacement systems are made resistant to movement, combining the durability of Jayaboard plasterboard and sturdiness of Jayaboard bonding compound. Range of cavity: 25 - 70mm.

Suitable to be applied at:

  • Music Studio
  • Classroom
  • Library
  • Any other area that requires sound absorption performance.

Supporting Material:

  • Frame: JayaBMS Direct fixed clip / Universal Clip, JayaBMS Furring PN 204/205
  • Lining: 1 layer of Jayaboard Sheetrock 12mm / Firestop + 1 layer of Jayabell 12mm
  • Jointing: JayaCompound as Jayaboard Recommendation.

Use Hitung Material fiture to help you figure total materials needed.



  • Fire Rating: +/- X + 15 (Sheetrock 12mm), +/- X + 30 (Firestop 13mm)
  • Acoustic Rating (100mm brickwall): +/- 45 (Sheetrock 12mm), +/- 46 (Firestop 13mm)
  • Acoustic Rating (100mm ALC): +/- 37 (Sheetrock 12mm), +/- 38 (Firestop 13mm)
  • Grade (BS 5234): Medium Duty


  • All the materials above calculated based on a room with a size of (3x33.33m). Another room sizes should be considered further
  • Vertical frame gap (Furring) max. of 600mm.
  • All the materials above needs to be reconfirmed by the Contractor / Applicators regarding bookings material inquiry order.
  • Exclude waste material


Information provided are for reference purpose only and due care has been taken to ensure accuracy at time of publication. Products, specifications and requirements may vary according to geographical locations and applications. As each project is unique, please contact your local Jayaboard representative for further assessment.