Archinesia Master Talk

Archinesia Master Talk

Indonesia, 27 Maret 2019

ARCHINESIA Master Talk, which is usually abbreviated as AMT, has stepped on its 3rd year and is held again this year on March 23, 2019, the ARCHINESIA Master Talk event is located at Nusantara Hall 3 Indo build tech Expo - ICE BSD with the theme entitled "Design Method" by presenting a star architect, RICHARD HASSELL, principal architect of WOHA, Singapore. By inviting a famous architect, it is hoped that the 3rd ARCHINESIA Master Talk event can be a useful event for architects in Indonesia. Woha is a rising architectural firm and has just been awarded the "Building of the Year" award from the World Architecture Festival. The ARCHINESIA Master Talk program was guided by a moderator who was not less great, namely Astrid Sriharyati, Principal of Terra Lumen's Architecture Bureau, who was a deputy mayor of Chicago & San Fransisco and a special staff of the Indonesian Minister of Trade.

The 3rd ARCHINESIA MASTER TALK, starting at 14.30 WIB. The event, which was attended by more than 500 audiences, began with the opening of the Director of Debindo -ITE, Mr. Effi SeXabudi, as exhibitor organizer.

On the occasion of the 3rd ARCHINESIA MASTER TALK event, Mr. A. Djuhara, as President of the National IAI, was pleased to give a speech. The presence of the National IAI President is a form of support provided for the 3rd ARCHINESIA MASTER TALK event with a single sponsor JAYABOARD.

The profile of the audience of more than 500 people who came to enliven the 3rd ARCHINESIA Master Talk event was 85% working as architects, 8% were students majoring in architecture, and 7% of participants who worked besides architects such as contractors and developers. The 3rd ARCHINESIA Master Talk program went smoothly and interactively because the architects were enthusiastic about the 3rd ARCHINESIA Master Talk program.

In addition to sessions from renowned architect speakers, namely RICHARD HASSELL, principal architect of WOHA, Singapore, the excitement of the day's event was closed with a warm dinner and a group photo session.

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