"Beyond the Ceiling" on ARCH: ID, Attracts Visitors' Attention.

Tampilkan "Beyond the Ceiling" di ARCH:ID, Jayaboard Tarik Perhatian Pengunjung

Tangerang, 27 February 2020 – Market leader of plasterboard in Indonesia, USG Boral - Jayaboard participated in the Indonesia Architecture Conference & the Exhibition (ARCH: ID) 2020, at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten.

The exhibition which initiated by Indonesian Architect took place on 27 - 29 February 2020, Jayaboard in collaboration with Alien Design Consultant to work on the Jayaboard pavilion concept by taking the theme "Beyond the Ceiling", intending to change the perception of the usage limit of a material and the function of itself. Jayaboard®SHEETROCK® is presented as a futuristic installation combined with lighting technology which can changing color according to the music that is supported by Samsung and AMX with a System Integrator from Vega Technology Indonesia. Jayaboard futuristic installation succeeded being the center of attention at the event, which was curated by several well-known Indonesian architects.

In addition, Jayaboard also presents contemplation rooms for visitors. The room is designed to rely on Durock® products and shows how Durock® can create a curved shape that support the appearance of the contemplation room. "Through some of these unique and futuristic installations, we want to display the quality standards of Jayaboard products which applications can be flexible, but their functions remain significant. We want to help the architects to implement or create their design imagination with Jayaboard systems and products, "said Andi Chandra (President Director of USG Boral - Jayaboard).

In this event, the TOP Brand 2020 winner also supported the paperless concept and relied on several digital features to show products and systems, including through an Augmented Reality (AR) technology that can display 3D system images when scanned at certain locations in the Jayaboard pavilion.

Some Jayaboard products that were also displayed include Jayabell® products that can improve the aesthetics of the room with its perforated design and Impactstop® products that have impact resistance performance.

The Jayaboard Pavilion which is also supported by Philips Lighting is expected to be able to inspire visitors, targeting more than 600 delegates consisting of members of the Indonesian Architect Association (IAI) from all provinces in Indonesia, architect practitioners, and related professionals.

"Our goal in participating in this event is to strengthen Jayaboard relationships with the architecture enthusiasts, and we also want to educate and inspire practitioners in the architecture industry that they can rely on Jayaboard to create their design imagination," said Andi Chandra.