Jayaboard Contribution to the Earth

Jayaboard Contribution to the Earth

Foto : California Wild Fire (source : nytimes.com)

The impact of Global Warming is getting real, environmental pollution that is currently occurring is contributing to climate change that is increasingly extreme and ultimately has a negative impact on our life. One of the examples is what currently happening in California, where forest fires have destroyed more than 809,000 hectares of land. As reported in The New York Times, according to Columbia University bioclimatologist Park Williams, there’s a connection between this case and the climate change, where dry air and warmer earth temperatures can exacerbate this very vulnerable situation.

For Jayaboard, contributing to the environment is something that is very essential and is in line with Jayaboard core values. Preserving the environment for a better future and life is something that is always done and maintained as part of Jayaboard contribution to environmental improvement efforts.

As a form of concern for the sustainability factor, Jayaboard emphasizing more on eco-friendly factors in the production, distribution, packaging, and waste processing processes. In this case, Jayaboard also feels the needs to ensure the credibility of the company through various accreditations, Jayaboard has received ISO 9001 certification regarding quality management and ISO 14001 related to environmental management systems. To complete it, Jayaboard recently received verification for the extension of its certification from Green Label Singapore. All these certifications are useful for helping smart buyers to select eco-friendly quality products and contribute to the environment.

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