New Breakthrough of Jayaboard Exhibited at Megabuild Indonesia 2019

New Breakthrough of Jayaboard Exhibited at Megabuild Indonesia 2019

Indonesia, 20 March 2019

Jayaboard announced a customer-focused initiatives at the 2019 Megabuild Indonesia event.

As the leading gypsum board company in Indonesia, Jayaboard exhibited a number of innovative products and exhibited some descriptions of initiatives that will be carried out in 2019 at the 2019 Megabuild Indonesia event which is one of the largest building material exhibitions in Indonesia in line with the theme # 2019GantiPlasterAci # 2019Tetapjayaboard this year 2019. Jayaboard also announced a series of additional initiatives that were no less important, in preparation for sustainable growth in the years ahead. This is in line with the growth of the construction industry which is growing rapidly.

The EasyFinish™ system series is the main focus of innovation that will be displayed in the booth. By directly targeting the problem solution in the process of making walls. EasyFinish™ system is an alternative system for conventional plaster replacement, this system can help contractors and homeowners to work more productively.

The EasyFinish™ system has been proven to be twice as efficient as conventional aci plaster methods. The EasyFinish™ system is able to accelerate construction time more significantly. Contractors and homeowners now have dry construction options that are fast, easy to apply and have minimal maintenance costs. This system is also minimal in construction waste so it is friendly to the environment.

Smooth wall surface, free of cracks and flat will be obtained in a short time, and this will also benefit the customer with the minimum maintenance performed.

As part of an additional initiative, last year Jayaboard also provided training and educated more than 800 architects, developers, and main contractors in five major cities in Indonesia.

In addition to the EasyFinish ™ system, Jayaboard also exhibits a number of display partition systems and other ceilings.

As an effort to strengthen its role and contribution, Jayaboard also announced a series of other activities, including the re-organizing of the "Jayaboard Design Competition" which is always held every year.

Following the success of last year's competition, more than 300 architects from both professionals and students participated in this year's competition. with the theme Building and Disaster Response Environment. This year's works will be assessed by renowned architect Achmad D. Tardiyana, pnincipal architect of URBANE. The 25 best works will be recorded and the proceeds of the sale will be allocated for charitable purposes.

Andi Chandra, Jayaboard President Director, explained "Today the construction industry in Indonesia is growing rapidly. The government's national development program in 2025 and the national program for affordable housing will direct industrial growth, which is expected to grow at a healthy combined annual growth rate of 7.2% until 2022. Strong investment in the transportation, energy and construction infrastructure, and building sectors housing will also play an important role in this growth. "

"But even though growth is synonymous with a high sense of optimism, every industry must also be able to ensure that it is able to meet the growing demand for growth. by investing in innovations that can streamline the work process. while also continuing to maintain high work safety standards," continued Andi Chandra.

This Megabuild exhibition was the first formal appearance for Mr. Andi Chandra as President Director of Indonesian Jayaboard, after being appointed in July last year, which had a target to grow the business by focusing on customer satisfaction, and maintaining as a market leader for material product technology buildings in Indonesia.

Andi added, "As a pioneer of gypsum boards in Indonesia, and to maintain the existence of the gypsum board business in Indonesia, Jayaboard continues to innovate. The latest is the development of the EasyFinish™ system. This is at the same time to support sustainable growth targets this year and the future."