JayaCARE : Jayaboard and ARS86 Care Foundation Collaborates Again
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JayaCARE : Jayaboard and ARS86 Foundation Care Collaborates Again

JayaCARE : Jayaboard and ARS86 Foundation Care Collaborates Again

Once again, Jayaboard collaborated with ARS86Care Foundation in the name of quality education for underprivileged children by assisting in the repair of kindergarten school buildings and play spaces in Boyolali Regency. The program will be implemented in the first semester of 2020 under the "Space to Build 2020" program.

Established in 2003 to meet the needs of the area, Pertiwi 2 Gedangan Kindergarten was built in Gedangan village. Due to its remote location of the village, the school has never served less than 40 students since it was founded. Over time, it became neccessary to expand the primary school facilities to meet the standard needs of the primary schools against the national standards of education.

Srimulia Karangtalun Kindergarten is located in Gubug Village, north of Cepogo Regency and founded in 1985. For 34 years the school has operated with the support of dedicated teachers, parents and the village community. Due to limited space, teachers are constantly arrange the room to fit chairs, desks, school supplies, and storage areas.

The construction of the two kindergartens, TK Pertiwi 2 - Gedangan Village and Sri Mulia Karangtalun - Gubug Village began in early April 2020 and ended in June 2020.

Foto: TK Pertiwi 2 Gedangan Kindergarten.

Foto: TK Srimulia Karangtalun.

Foto: Construction Process.

Foto: Construction Worker with Jayaboard Sheetrock®.

Jayaboard products for the JayaBMS ceiling frame and Jayaboard SHEETROCK® were used for the teachers / UKS rooms, classrooms, service rooms (consisting of two toilets and a kitchen / laundry room) and corridors. As the materials are free of asbestos, it is safe for the occupants.

On 1 July, the school building was handed over from the ARS86care foundation to the school committee of TK Srimulia Karangtalun & TK Pertiwi 2 Gedangan. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the handover ceremony was conducted in accordance with COVID-19 protocol, attended by only the local ARS86care foundation partners and location coordinators, school principals / teachers and committees, village heads and two TK stakeholders.