JayaPRO is a solution for homeowners and applicators. This android based application values for applicators, such as:

  • Point Reward

    Applicators will get points for every purchase of Jayaboard products. The points that have been collected can be exchanged for various prizes provided by Jayaboard in jayaPRO application.

  • Job Opportunities

    Through the jayaPRO application, the applicator can set their location so that they can be easily found by homeowners who need renovation or construction services in their area. Homeowners can directly contact the applicator via chat features.

  • Training & Certificate

    jayaPRO members can get free training from Jayaboard’s expert team. The training consists of the theory session and hands-on practice session related to product and system application of partition (walls) and ceilings along with the latest construction trends from Jayaboard. Members who have participated in the training will also be given a certificate from Jayaboard as validation that the applicator is trained and has good skills for installing both ceiling and partition systems.

If you are an applicator who wants to join as part of jayaPRO, register yourself by clicking on the button below.


If you are a homeowner who wants to find the nearest applicator in your area, please download the application by clicking the button below.